MLB Baseball Futures

Baseball futures are like stock market futures where you are betting on an event happening at some point in the future. On the stock market, you might invest on the price of oil reaching $120 per barrel. In baseball future odds, you bet whether the Yankees will win the AL East pennant or whether Alex Rodriguez will hit 30 or more home runs.

Baseball odds for futures bettors take all kinds of forms from team-specific (odds to win the World Series bets in April) to player-specific wagers. They are fun and can be profitable, but be careful about tying up too much of your payroll in this types of wagers. The reason is that it takes a long time for the bet to win or lose. If you bet $20 in April that the Blue Jays will finish second or higher in the AL East, your money sits there until October waiting for the season to be over.

So study them and bet appropriately. The upside is that you can earn whopping payouts if your underdog goes on to win the championship. The San Francisco Giants were roughly 100/1 odds at the start of the 2010 season in World Series futures odds and look what happened in October! A $10 wager paid out $1,000!

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